MİTAŞ Industry Inc. was established in January 2018 after MİTAŞ Welding and Plate Fabrication Inc., a MİTAŞ Group company, changed its name as MİTAŞ Industry and continued to work under this name. 

Following this establishment, some other MİTAŞ Group companies terminated their own entity to merge with MİTAŞ Industry, thus expanding its business to energy, telecommunications, lighting and defense sectors globally.

MİTAŞ Industry has its headquarters and manufacturing plants, which are listed below, in Ankara.
    Lattice Tower Manufacturing Factory, which has an annual production capacity of 72.000 tons in 45.000 m2 area.
    Polygon Pole Manufacturing Factory, which has an annual production capacity of 30.000 tons in 38.000 m2 area.
    Welding and Plate Processing Factory, which has an annual production capacity of 33.000 tons in 35.000 m2 area.
    Galvanising Factories, which have an annual production galvanizing capacity of 215.000 tons in 35.000 m2 area with 3 galvanized baths which the lengths vary from 4.5 to 12.5 meters.

MİTAŞ Industry is a member of MİTAŞ Group which consists of the following companies.

About MİTAŞ Group:

Setting off in the business world with MİTAŞ Metal Construction Inc. established in 1955, MİTAŞ Group currently operates on a global scale through the companies within its organization in the fields of energy, telecommunication, lighting, chemistry and informatics. 

Headquartered in Ankara, MİTAŞ Group Companies have the production facilities in Ankara, İzmir and İzmit and, an office in Iraq. 

Exporting to more than 135 countries in 5 continents, MİTAŞ Group operates through the following companies.

MİTAŞ Group Companies:

    MİTAŞ Investment Inc. is the principal shareholder of MİTAŞ Group companies.
    MİTAŞ Energy and Metal Construction Inc. operates in the energy sector.
    MİTAŞ Industry Inc. operates on the design and manufacturing of steel towers, poles and structures for energy, telecommunication, lighting and defense industries.
    MİTAŞ Bolt Inc. operates on sales manufacturing and galvanising of steel fasteners.
    MİTAŞ Poles Industry and Trade Inc. designs and produces polygonal and circular poles in its factory in Italy.
    MİCHA Galvanised Steel Construction Inc. it operates in the production and galvanisation of energy transmission and distribution line towers. It also provides the companies located in the region with galvanised coating services.
    MİTAŞ Powerline Construction Inc. (MEPC) operates on turn-key projects for the engineering, procurement and construction of energy transmission lines and substations.
    Galvasol Galvanising Chemicals Production Inc. operates on the production and sales of galvanizing chemicals, and provides consultancy services for the establishment of galvanisation facilities.