MİTAŞ Industry Inc. was established in January 2018 after MİTAŞ Welding and Plate Fabrication Inc., a MİTAŞ Group company, changed its name as MİTAŞ Industry and continued to work under this name. 
Following this establishment, some other MİTAŞ Group companies terminated their own entity to merge with MİTAŞ Industry, thus expanding its business to energy, telecommunications, lighting and defense sectors globally.

The field of activity of MİTAŞ Industry at its establishment is the production and hot-dip galvanizing of energy transmission and distribution towers, high precision metal plate products and machine parts, and all kinds of heavy and light steel construction.

In line with the decision of board of directors about focusing on a single strategy around the common goal and creating synergy, MİTAŞ Group companies, which are operating on design and manufacrure of towers and poles for energy transmission lines, substations and solar energy constructions, telecommunication and similar steel constructions, have been or are being reorganized to continue their services as MİTAŞ Industry Inc.

The foundation of MİTAŞ Group was laid down way back in 1955 when MİTAŞ Metal Construction Inc. was established as a public enterprise to work on design, manufacture, galvanising and assembly of energy transmission and distribution lines.

In 1989, a significant milestone occurred in the shareholding structure when EMTA Inc. acquired 50.04% of the shares. After this semi-privatization, feasibility studies for the renovation and training of human resources, the modernization of production and galvanised coating factories were sped up as well as new investments and business operations. 
In 1993, the share of EMTA Inc. increased to 83.35%, while that of public stayed at 16.65%. In this period, the production constantly increased due to MİTAŞ’s turning towards the foreign markets. The first export was to Algeria in 1993 after the shift from the production “only for domestic markets” to “for all countries in the world”. 
In 1994, the shareholding structure was 97.95% held by MİTAŞ, and 2.05% held by the public sector.

MİTAŞ has started to turn its knowledge and experience into expertise with the group companies that have been established since 1994.

Today, by incorporating sectoral knowledge, experiences and technologies of MİTAŞ Group companies, MİTAŞ Industry continues to serve to its customers and to improve people's living qualities by offering integrated products and services.