Vision: Our vision is to be the leader in the industries we operate.

Mission: Our mission is to provide quality products and services by means of using of creative, safe and environmentally friendly technologies and applications, contributing the development and welfare of the countries and thus enhancing the life quality of people.

Integrated Management System Policy:

MİTAŞ Industry Inc. is aware of the importance of issues related to quality, environment, occupational health-safety and information security in order to be a successful and reliable global brand in the sector in which it operates.

To this end, MİTAŞ Industry carries out its activities in a sustainable manner in accordance with its integrated management system which covers quality, environment, occupational health-safety and information security in line with its vision, mission and values.

In this context, MİTAŞ Industry commits;

  • to continually improve all its processes by managing the risks effectively,
  • to set measurable targets for its business processes and increase their performance competitively at international level,
  • to maintain a dynamic, innovative and competitive position by constantly improving human resources, information and production technologies,
  • to create customer expectations in all products and processes in the value chain and meet them in team spirit,
  • to conduct the work in compliance with current legislation, internationally recognized standards, customer requirements and good business practices, and  develop regulatory compliance,
  • to take necessary precautions to prevent possible negative effects of its activities on human beings and environment from the design phase to the end of the life cycle, and to apply them with all employees, suppliers and contractors,
  • to minimize unsafe and insecure situations, behaviors, and risks of possible incidents and occupational diseases,
  • to use energy and natural resources effectively as to reduce consumption, waste and greenhouse gas formation, and prevent pollution,
  • to improve this skills and competencies of its employees and business partners in terms of quality, environment, occupational health-safety and information security, and to ensure participation and consultation of them,
  • to ensure the security of customers, partners, and employees' sensitive information and intellectual property; to intervene quickly and appropriately in violation of information security as to minimize the loss and to maintain its activities with minimum interruption.