MİTAŞ Industry Inc., a MİTAŞ Group company, operates on a global scale in the business of engineering and manufacturing of towers, poles and high masts for power transmission and distribution, renewable energy, telecommunication, lighting and transportation infrastructure.

The Company has an annual turnover of 200,000,000 USD and employs 1.500 qualified employees.

MİTAŞ Industry has the full range of advantage of having in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities, resulting in integrated, safe and responsive solutions in the entire spectrum from design to delivery.

MİTAŞ Industry has its engineering and manufacturing facilities in Turkey, Italy and France, and several international representatives. Manufacturing factories are equipped with modern CNC machines and automated production systems, which fully comply with various international standards.

The Company has footprints of its products and services in over 140 countries in 5 continents and continue to widen its customer portfolio across the world constantly, being long term preferred business partner by the utilities in United States, Canada, Norway, Iraq, Germany, Qatar, Libya, Italy and Kuwait.

MİTAŞ Industry is the flagship company of the MİTAŞ Group, which comprises of the following companies.

  • MİTAŞ Investment Inc. is the principal shareholder of the Group Companies.
  • MİTAŞ Energy and Metal Construction Inc. is an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) major, which delivers projects worldwide. Its operations include Turnkey/EPC/EPIC contracting, design, survey, development, engineering, procurement, construction (civil works, erection, wire or conductor stringing and energizing) commissioning and rehabilitation of Power T&D and Substations lines; substation, telecommunication, lighting and renewable energy infrastructure projects.
  • MİCHA Galvanized Steel Construction Inc. is engaged in manufacturing of steel lattice towers mainly for transmission and distribution lines, and telecommunication.
  • MİTAŞ Bolt Inc. manufactures bolts, anchors, stud bolts, nuts and washers for energy transmission and distribution lines, telecommunication towers, poles, machines, buildings, steel constructions, automotive and automotive sub-industry in line with customer specifications and international standards.
  • Mitaş Composites Inc. manufactures circular poles (for outdoor lighting, energy transmission/distribution and telecommunication) and pressure vessels/tanks by using filament winding method and also manufactures flat and curved profiles by using pultrusion method. Mitaş Composites fulfills all the engineering, design and detailing activities in-house for advanced composite R&D projects.

In line with its motto “Mpowering the World”, MİTAŞ Group continues to work with the mission of empowering the world with its more than 60 years of combined experience and expertise.